Our modern surveyors follow the traditions of Australia’s earliest surveyors. Lieutenant William Dawes did the original surveys of Sydney and Parramatta, and Robert Hoddle took charge of the first survey of Melbourne’s CBD, and assisted in the initial surveys of Geelong and Brisbane.

With almost 2 decades’ experience in Survey Drafting, we understand the needs of our clients, and we’re here to provide Survey Drafting support so you can get on with the business of growing Australia, one traverse at a time.

Whether it’s a complicated greenfield subdivision in western Melbourne or a 10 acre detail plan in the Southern Highlands of NSW, we pride ourselves on producing accurate, easy-to-read plans for surveyors all around our sunburnt country.

Our drafting process

Glenn gained his AutoCAD Certified Professional certification in 2013, reflecting the highest level of competence in the software, and allowing him to display the “AutoCAD Certified Professional” logo seen in the footer below.

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